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 During April 3rd and 4th, Deconomy will hold its first annual blockchain forum in Seoul, South Korea, the critical hub of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Amidst high interest in the field, Deconomy 2018 will gather the brightest entrepreneurs, thought leaders, investors, developers, academic and policy groups, and blockchain enthusiasts. The forum consists of a two-day program, with keynote presentations and panel discussions about major topics surrounding the industry.

Speakers & Panelists

David Chaum

Computer Scientist
Founder at Digicash

Vitalik Buterin

Founder at Ethereum

Ian Grigg

Partner at (EOS)
ex) Architecture Consultant at R3
Financial Cryptographer
Inventor of Ricardian Contract

Roger Ver

CEO at
Angel Investor

David Schwartz

Chief Cryptographer at Ripple

JungA Lee

Vice President at Bithumb

Tim Swanson

CEO at Post Oak Labs
Advisor at Clearmatics
ex) Director of Market Research at R3

Samson Mow

Chief Strategy Officer at Blockstream
CEO at Pixelmatic
ex) COO at BTCC

Joseph Poon

Author of Plasma
Author of Lightning Network

Vinay Gupta

Founder at Mattereum
Material Scientist

Stanley Yong

Global Lead for CBDC at IBM
ex) Specialist Lead at Monetary Authority of Singapore

Craig S. Wright

Chief Scientist at nChain

Vlad Zamfir

Casper (PoS) Developer at Ethereum

Alex Batlin

CEO at Trustology
ex) Co-founder at Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
ex) Global Blockchain Lead at BNY Mellon

Jon Choi

Researcher at Ethereum
ex) Product Engineer at Dropbox

Frances Coppola

Financial Writer at Forbes
ex) Associate Editor at Pieria

John Collins

Head of U.S Office at Red Flag Consulting
ex) Vice President at BAFT
ex) Head of Policy at Coinbase

Antony Lewis

Director of Research, CBDC Strategy  at R3
ex) Director at itBit

James Oh

CEO at Actwo Technologies
ex) CEO at Dunamu Investment
ex) Director at Deutsche Bank

Terence T. Lim, PhD

Professor at Sungkyunkwan Uni MBA
ex) CEO at Macquarie Securities Korea
ex) CEO at Goldman Sachs Korea

Ash Han

Distributed Economy Researcher
Angel Backer at Qtum
Advisor at Omisego
Co-founder at Finector and Interchain Foundation

John Lilic

Managing Director at Consensys
Strategic Business Advisor at uPort

David Bailey

CEO at BTC Media

Tom Ding

CEO at String Labs
ex) CEO at Koinify
ex) Senior Product Manager at ebay

Jutta Steiner 

CEO at Parity Technologies

Tyler Evans

CTO at BTC Media
ex) Founder at Avalonic
ex) CEO at Forza Financial

Makoto Takemiya

Co-CEO at Soramitsu (Hyperledger Iroha)
ex) Technical Researcher at ATR

Junhaeng Lee

CEO at Streami (Gopax)
ex) Associate Director at HSBC
ex) Consultant at McKinsey

Tony Lyu

CEO at Korbit
ex) Co-founder at TIDE Institute

Satoshi Kobayashi

Chairman at Smart Contract Japan

Samuel Yim

Senior Foreign Attorney  at Kim & Chang
ex) Counsil on Foreign Relations Term Member
ex) Fulbright Fellow

Greg Wolfson

Head of BD at Element Group
ex) Director of BD at BTCC
ex) Managing Director at Lattice Partners

Joonsun Uhr

CEO at Coinplug

Jeongwoo Choi

Partner at Pecunian Capital

Thomas Greco

Advisor at Ethereum
Advisor at Cosmos
Advisor at Omisego
Advisor at Polkadot

Genping Liu 

Partner at Virtex Ventures
Board Member at Validus Capital

Jack Liu

Managing Director Asia at Circle

Tom Tao

Vice President at Wanxiang Blockchain
ex) General Manager at Wan Cloud
ex) Executive at IBM China

Rune Christensen

CEO at MakerDAO

Myunghun Cha

CEO at Coinone

Dongmin Lim

Analyst at OST Invest
ex) Analyst at Kyobo Securities

Yeolmae Kim

Analyst at Hanwha Securities
ex) Analyst at Hyundai Securities

Jehan Chu

Managing Partner at Kenetic Capital
Founding Member at The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong

Hoehun Chung

Managing Partner at DFJ Athena

Michael Yang

CEO at Michael Yang Capital
ex) President at
ex) CEO at

Alexander Yakovlev

Head of decentralized solutions direction at NSD

Jeff Paik

CEO at Finector
ex) Consultant at R3
ex) Analyst at Fenbushi Capital

Clark Thompson

Solution Architect at Consensys
ex) Solution Architect at R3
ex) Director at Credit Suisse

Coyn Mateer

Vice President at BTC media

Colin Platt

Consultant at CGP Consultant
Co-host at 11:FS
Advisor at Sweetbridge

Yiseul Cho

Venture Partner at FBG Capital
ex) Co-founder at BPK (currently Hashed)
ex) Blockchain Engineer at HSBC

Kangyoung Lee

Director at Actwo Technologies
ex) Deputy General at Mirae Asset Investment
ex) Software Engineer at Xinics

Jeffrey Huang

Chairman at 17app
Founder at

Jason Fang

Managing Partner at Sora Ventures
ex) Associate at Juzix
ex) Associate at Fenbushi Capital

Danny Yang

CEO at Blockseer
ex) Co-founder at Maicoin

Chris Waclawek

Strategic partnership at Golem
ex) Impact Investor at Fifty Years

Evan Cohen

Senior Director at Indiegogo
ex) Co-founder at Ludus

Jimmy Nguyen

CEO at nChain Group

Kilian Rausch

Product Director at Exchange Union

Matthew Spoke

CEO at Aion
ex) Board of Director at EEA
ex) Fintech Advisor at Ontario Securitires Commission

Zhuling Chen

Co-founder at Aelf
Advisor at FBG Capital

Bryan Chang

Principle at Collaborative Fund

Noah Jessop

Investor at Founder Collective

William Peets

Chief Investment Officer at Passport Digital Holdings

Ayako Miyaguchi

Executive Director at Ethereum Foundation
ex) Managing Director at Kraken

Remington Ong

Managing Partner at Fenbushi Capital

Karl Floresch

Research Scientist at Ethereum

Justin Drake

Research Scientist at Ethereum

Robert Dykes

CEO at Tora (Caspian)

Leonid Beder

VP of R&D at Orbs

Bo Dong

Partner at FBG Capital

John Riggins

Head of Operations at BTC media

Hyunsung Shin

Chairman at TMON

Tony Fernandes

CEO at AirAsia Group

Ray Kim

Blockchain Lead at Hanwha Life Insurance

Seungjun Hwang

Digital Innovation Head at Hanwha Life Insurance

Changhee Jung

Derivative Department Director at Korea Exchange (KRX)

Peter Yun

COO at Blockinpress

Track 01

Paradigm Shift to Open Protocols

Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, endless possibilities of censorship-resistant cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications have flourished. The world is now witnessing a paradigm shift, from a single authoritative system which depends on trusted entities to a consensus-based system with no single point of failure. One of the many promises that blockchain technology provides is to give financial access to all people through open, public protocols. The theme ‘Paradigm Shift to Open Protocols’ will focus on public or permissionless blockchain projects that enable anyone from anywhere at any time to freely transact any data without permission.

Track 02

Bitcoin, Controversy over Principle

Soon after Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper on Bitcoin was published, Bitcoin has recorded tremendous growth with an equal amount of global interest. The Bitcoin market expanded further as major financial institutions started entering and investing in Bitcoin, leading to the creation of a futures market for Bitcoin, which implies the official integration of Bitcoin into the traditional financial system. However, the issue on scalability has been consistently controversial and eventually led to a diverge of the Bitcoin community and discrepancy in defining Bitcoin. On the one hand, Bitcoin is viewed as digital gold by emphasizing its role as store of value. Conversely, the other party believes Bitcoin is a digital currency and should be valued upon its actual usage. Deconomy will elaborate on this issue and will open the floor for intense discussion.

Track 03

Ethereum, The Future of World Computer

As part of Blockchain 2.0, Ethereum appeared in August 2014 with its grand mission to be a world computer, enabling developers to build cryptographically secure and decentralized softwares. Since its inception, Ethereum quickly positioned itself as one of the most popular platforms for running over 750 decentralized applications. As a decentralized platform that runs Smart Contracts, Ethereum has become a significantly powerful shared global infrastructure that can freely transfer value and represent the ownership of property. Development of innovative technologies such as sharding technique, Casper, Raiden Network, and Plasma is actively underway. Deconomy will focus on Ethereum’s potential and possibilities, its recent technical developments, and future challenges ahead.

Track 04

State of Blockchain and Market Trends

Undoubtedly blockchain is rapidly becoming the hot topic worldwide with the expectation to change the current dynamics. However, in stark contrast to the high interest in the topic, knowledge of the underlying blockchain technology is still at a nascent stage. In other words, everyone has heard of bitcoin but there are few who truly understand the disruptive power this technology enables. All industries are trying to incorporate blockchain into their existing business, with high hopes to be a forerunner of this innovative trend. Deconomy will elaborate on the current status of the blockchain industry and analyze what is necessary for further development.

Track 05

Regulation and Mainstream Adoption

Regulation has recently become an inevitably crucial topic in the blockchain industry, as cryptocurrency goes viral in countries worldwide. Explosive public interest in cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings (ICO) has naturally spurred governments to take regulatory action, especially since mining and ICO scams and suspicion of insider trading by exchanges increase. The main question is whether governments should intervene or not, and if so, to what degree should governments intervene. Furthermore, mainstream adoption of blockchain technology seems promising in that main conglomerates are increasingly adopting and implementing the new technology in their existing line of business. In this session, Deconomy plans to discuss in depth about the current regulatory measures and their feasibility.

Track 06

Industry Evolution through Distributed Ledger

Since the advent of blockchain technology, many corporations and institutions have realized the potential of distributed ledger system, in transforming an isolated system to an interoperable infrastructure. Also, well known as ‘permissioned’ or ‘private’ blockchain, distributed ledger technologies are promising in the sense that they eliminate the need for data replication and reconciliation, and possibly entirely remove a third party or intermediary in transactions to achieve high efficiency and cost reduction. While maintaining the status quo of transitional industry as a closed network, unlike public blockchains, DLT explores the possibilities of many financial use cases in payment systems, trade finance, wholesale banking, remittance, and identity management. Concerning this topic, Deconomy welcomes top players in the field to discuss the potential of distributed ledger system in a regulated industry.

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